I’m sorry, I know I suck at this blog thing. I know I said I was working on a follow up for Wanting Him, my bbw story. Let me update you on that and fill you in on something special I’m doing.

First of all, Wanting Him is a very special story to me so I’m flattered that people have been picking it up. I enjoyed writing it.

I’m still working on the follow up story which will be titled Having Him. I planned on releasing it much sooner but instead decided I would make it a little longer and give you more detail of Emily and Ryan’s relationship, if you want to call it that.

I’m hoping to have Having Him ready by next week, the end of September.

To make it up to anyone who has been waiting to pick up Wanting Him, I’m going to offer it for free between September 27th and October 1st. This way wherever you are, you have the option of picking up Wanting Him for free for the weekend.

Thanks for your patience. 🙂