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Hope everyone is having a great week!  Here’s what’s new with me!

  • His Every Whim will be released next week but it won’t be the complete novel.  I’m really sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up but I felt it was more important to get it out on time and well written than rushing it because…
  • There’s a special promo going on next week where myself and some great authors will be having special sale days and I want to include the sequel to His Every Whim in that.  I’ll write another post with all the details about sale soon!
  • Wednesday the 19th is the release day for His Every Whim.  I have re-edited the first part and written the sequel to it and will release them together in one volume.  I promise I will begin work on the follow up as soon as the sequel is published.
  • Wednesday I’ll also post about my inspirations for the characters and locations in His Every Whim.
  • Guess what–I’m finally on Facebook!  So please don’t leave me alone out there. 😉 Here’s the link to my Facebook page for likes…and I really hope you do like me hahaha!  If you want to be my Facebook friend you can also send me a friend request.
  • I am working on a different novel.  This one will be released beginning of March and I’m SUPER excited about it!  I’ll post more details about it in upcoming weeks.

Talk to you soon!  xxx