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His Every WhimOne big piece of advice always given to writers is “write what you know”.

When I was thinking up the idea for His Every Whim, I bounced some ideas off a friend of mine who was unemployed and she said she always wished she could meet a billionaire who would whisk her away and take care of all her problems. I thought about how I could write a character who needed that kind of whisking away and was reminded of something that happened to me when I was in college. I used those experiences plus other inspiration and imagination and that’s how His Every Whim was born.

To start with, when I was writing the sequel to His Every Whim the short story, I knew it would end at a cliffhanger and I didn’t want to publish something that ended that way. I tried several times to come up with an ending that was more finished but the characters kept telling me it needed to end that way. Because of that I wanted to make it into a novel, but I ran out of time because of a promotion that’s going on tomorrow (I’ll post tomorrow–there’s about 7 books by different authors that are on sale for 99 cents tomorrow, His Every Whim included). Part of writing the novel was that I began to re-edit the short story so I included it with the second part and that is available now as the His Every Whim Erotic Romance novella.

His Every Whim the novella is now available on Amazon. It will be available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo by Friday and hopefully in Apple’s iBookstore by Christmas. I am already working on the next story so we can find out what happens with Xander and Ashley, I’m hoping to have that published before the New Year.

Using “write what you know”, this story probably has the most personal characters and situations to me and I’ll talk about those now. I’ll try to not give away any spoilers for those who haven’t read the story yet but just a warning – there may be spoilers after this point!


  • Ashley ~ For Ashley I thought about the many young people who graduate from college and things don’t go the way they planned. I’ve met many people who from the time they’re young they plan their entire lives and I always wondered what happens to them if things don’t work out perfectly that way. I imagined a lot of people would shut down and not know what to do because they never thought they needed a plan B. That’s Ashley. When we meet her she’s finally tired of her situation and realizing she needs to do things differently if she’s ever going to get off Jackie’s couch.
  • Lydia ~ Lydia is just a combination of all those awful people who judge others by their appearance because they think they’re better than everyone. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t look at the waitress when she orders her drink because they’re there to serve her. We have all met these people in our lives…for better or for worse.
  • Tara ~ We haven’t seen that much of Tara but she is the kind of person who knows how to handle every situation. She also is very blunt and honest, but in a good way. And while they differ in appearance, Tara was modeled after my Grandma Ann who was born and raised in North Carolina.
  • Xander ~ Yes, I saved the best for last. 😉 When I was in college I worked part time as a bank teller. One day at work, the other girls warned me about this awful customer who would come in once a month and was just horrible to everyone. Well, I thought he was really good looking and I took what they said about him as a challenge. Needless to say, he started coming in more than once a month and eventually we started dating. We only dated a few months but at one point he bought himself a car I was dying for and then offered it to me–for free. I didn’t take the car, just didn’t seem right. So that’s where that part of the story and Xander comes from. Other than that, I imagined Xander as tortured and haunted by his past. I hope he came across that way.

I hope if you read the story you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. There’s more to come in the next one and we’ll also meet some new characters too!