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No, I haven’t fallen off the planet and to let you know I’m still alive, I wanted to give you an update on my publishing plans. 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately while getting ready to move. The problem is I’m coming up with too many ideas! I have so many characters running around in my head right now. None of this is set in stone, but here’s what I’ve been thinking about so far.

About His Every Whim the series, the first four parts will be turned into a novel. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to that because I don’t want to just take the four parts and republish them, I want to add a lot more to it. Whenever I do get around to it, it’ll include more chapters focusing on Ashley and Xander because I feel like I have so much more to say about them that I didn’t get to in the series. I’m not ignoring Drake and Samantha, they will have some extra chapters too, but most of the new content will be about Ashley and Xander’s relationship.

Since I’m talking about His Every Whim, let me talk about the spin-offs. There are so many people I love in the His Every Whim world that I want to dedicate novels to each of them. Right now I already have plans for novels for Jackie, Tara, and the first one to be released will be Deborah’s.

Originally the plan was to release Deborah’s story as a three part series. I’ll be releasing her story as a novel instead. Deborah will be chasing her dream of becoming a fashion designer. While at work she will meet a mysterious stranger and they’ll have an instant attraction. I’m hoping to have that published by the end of June (fingers crossed!). I’ll give more details about her story in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of billionaires, some of you have asked me about one of my first short stories, Per His Request. I always planned on continuing that story because I love the characters so much, but when I started writing the next part I felt it needed some work so I unpublished it. I’m hoping to republish it by the end of the summer as a complete story called The Billionaire’s Secret.

Also this summer I’m planning to publish part 1 of the Silverlight series. For those who haven’t read Lucky Break, Silverlight was THE band at the time. Imagine The Beatles or U2, a band everyone knows. Jude Morrison was the band’s drummer and the romantic interest in Lucky Break and in part 1 of the Silverlight series, I’ll be taking you into his past. Silverlight will be a four part series where each book follows a different member of the band in a different period of time.

I also have some other ideas such as a New Adult Contemporary Romance novel that will be released this summer and a possible novella series that I can only compare to the TV show Dallas (in that it will be about a family that owns a ranch, not that kind of drama though).

Hope you’re all doing well!  Talk to you again soon!  🙂