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Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I just posted this on Facebook but wanted to share…

As promised here’s a small excerpt from a little pet project I’m working on tentatively titled Blue. Its very rough and unedited but I hope you enjoy it:

As I opened the glass door to enter the bank, my eyes immediately went to Arlene’s station. She was the head teller, a petite blonde who looked older than her age, and she had the only customer in the place.
At the other end of the counter I saw my name plate waiting for me at my station next to the drive thru. Veronica Davis. My attention didn’t stay away from Arlene’s customer for long.
He was tall and slender but muscular. It wasn’t like me to check out the customers but this one stood out. He wasn’t Federal Savings usual blue-hair.
He was covered in splattered paint. From the white baseball cap he wore, that his brown hair peeked out from, to his faded and frayed black Converse high tops. I couldn’t help but slow my walk to admire the muscular cuts in his arms and the way his chest pulled across his faded grey Grateful Dead t-shirt.
As my eyes traveled downward over his beaten up and torn jeans, I had to bite my lip when I saw how nicely they hugged him. Wait, there’s another tear near…is that his butt?
Time must have stood still as I looked at this gorgeous guy. I barely noticed when he started walking towards me, a smile on his face that softened his strong jaw line and put a twinkle in his hazel eyes. I smiled back but had to look away. If I didn’t I knew I’d trip and regret making a fool of myself.
“Hi,” he said as he walked past.
His voice was deep and sent shock waves through me. My heart was pounding so loudly I was sure the entire bank could hear it. I needed to be cool.
“Hi,” I replied as I turned around to get one last glimpse of him before he walked out the door.
“Wow are your cheeks red,” Arlene said.
“What? Huh?” I said.
My hands flew up and touched my burning face. It wasn’t like me to blush. Is that what my cheeks were doing? Damn them for giving me away!
“You feeling well?”
“What? Oh I, yes I’m fine. I guess I was just in a rush,” I lied hoping I sounded convincing. “Who was that guy? I’ve never seen him here before.”
“That’s because you’re never here so early. He makes the Cranston deposits everyday.”
“Cranston? The funeral home?”
“Yup. That was Reed Craven. I went to high school with him. Cute, isn’t he? He’s one of their funeral directors.”
“Funeral director? Weird!”
“Someone’s gotta do it. I hear they make decent money,” she said as she shrugged then began counting her drawer.
I’d been to funerals before. I thought the people who worked there all had the same pale, creepiness to them. This guy didn’t fit that at all.
As I set up my station I thought about what Arlene said. If they went to high school together, that made him about six years older than me. Twenty-six. I always did have a thing for older guys. I wondered how I would run into him again.

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