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Charming The Alpha by Liliana Rhodes

Charming The Alpha is now on Apple!

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Let me start out by saying I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to all my readers! Charming The Alpha became an All Romance Top 50 Bestseller, climbed as high as #2 in Paranormal Romance – Witches and Wizards on Amazon and Top 20 in Paranormal Romance – Werewolves & Shifters.

Because of all the support for Charming The Alpha, I’m going to continue the story. Caleb and Hannah will not be the main characters, but they will be in the story as we learn more about the shifters, witches, and other characters living in Leeds Point, NJ. Sign up for my newsletter so you can find out when the sequel is released.

coverThe idea for Charming The Alpha came about while I was writing No Regrets, the spin-off novel to my His Every Whim series. In No Regrets, Deborah Hansen meets Mr. Sexy, William King and both of their lives change. When I wrote Will I have to admit I had Hugh Jackman in mind. I just kept running into him everywhere.

One day I was talking to my friend Tara about the perfect alpha male and I said the perfect alpha male is Wolverine. Yes, I am that big of a geek, but its something I’m proud of lol! Before you think I’ve lost my mind, thing about it. Wolverine is a loner, he keeps to himself, he is madly in love with Jean Grey, and would do anything for her. Wolverine is passionate, jealous, strong, but surprisingly sensitive in the right situations. See, I’m not so crazy now am I?

When I finished No Regrets, I was supposed to get back to writing Jude, part one of the Silverlight Rock Star Romance series, but I couldn’t get Hugh Jackman as Wolverine out of my head. Still on my Wolverine kick, I tried to substitute him with someone else. Enter Ryan Reynolds who was in Wolverine and then showed off even more of his muscles in Green Lantern. With these gorgeous, muscular men in my head, I came up with the story for Charming The Alpha.

I know this is a long post, but let me finish up with some updates:

  • Jude, the first of the four part Silverlight Rock Star Romance series, will be published this Fall. I’m hoping to have it out by Thanksgiving and then have the other books in the series published shortly after. Each part will focus on one member of Silverlight and how these bad boys are tamed.
  • The His Every Whim novels will be continuing. Available early 2014 will be Tara’s story. If you don’t remember, Tara took care of Xander Boone’s horses and stables, and befriended Ashley. In her book, Tara has reconnected with Mason, a man she once considered to be the love of her life. We’ll go back in time and see what happened to the lovers that kept them apart and see how that affects them as they get to know each other again.
  • Coming next week will be a new LilianaRhodes.com! I am beyond excited to show you my gorgeous new website. On there you’ll be able to see all my books, get news from me, and read excerpts from each of my titles. This blog will continue but very limited, so if you want updates from me, please sign up for my newsletter. It is the best way to make sure you find out when I have a new book out. 🙂
  • I’m going to set up a street team very soon! Keep an eye out for more information on that if you’re interested in joining.
  • Lastly, don’t forget about the big giveaway of a $50 Amazon gift card (or PayPal cash) plus 25 ebooks from some amazing authors including me!

Have a great weekend!  xx