As an author, I send out ARCs and give away ebooks regularly. I know not everyone knows how to get an ebook file (mobi) onto their Kindle so I’ve listed the steps right here. I hope you find this helpful! 🙂

Step 1

Log on to Amazon account.

Step 2

Go to “Manage Your Content and Devices”


Step 3

Go to “Settings”


Step 4

Scroll Down to “Personal Document Settings” and look for “Send-to-kindle Email Settings”



This is your kindle’s email address.


If you have several kindles or the app loaded to multiple devices, you will have multiple addresses. Just look for the name of the device you want to send it to. (EX: Liliana’s iPhone)

You can also look on your kindle for the address. It will be in settings.


Step 5

Approved Personal Document E-mail List

Add the email address you will be sending the file FROM.


Step 6

Email the file to your kindle

Open the email account you just added and attach the mobi file to a new email. Send the email to your kindle’s email address.

(You do not have to put a subject line in the email.)


Step 7

Make sure your kindle is connected to wifi and NOT in Airplane mode. It should only take a few minutes to detect and download your new book. If you’re impatient, you can always click on “Settings” and then “Snyc” from on your kindle.

Happy Reading!