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Do you subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite authors? If you’re a gmail user, you might find that you don’t always see those newsletters because they end up in the “Promotions” tab. Don’t worry! You can train gmail to include author newsletters in your regular inbox.

Step 1

Add the newsletter sender’s email address to your contacts. (EX: liliana@lilianarhodes.com)

Click on the Gmail drop-down and click on Contacts

Gmail Dropdown

A new tab will open. Click on the add contact symbol.

add a contact to gmail

Add the new email address.

add email pop up box

Step 2

Move the newsletter from the promotions tab to the Inbox.

Find the newsletter by clicking on “Promotions.”

gmail promotions tab

Now, click on the newsletter and drag it to the “Primary” tab.

move email to primary tab

Gmail will ask if you want all emails from this sender to be included in the primary tab. Click Yes.

click yes to all



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